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Brang Real Estate, LLC.

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Brang Commercial Real Estate

Owned and operated by the Brang Family, Brang Commercial Real Estate is responsible for the selection, acquisition, development, leasing and sales of our own commercial real estate portfolio. Brang Real Estate, LLC and Donald J. Brang Commercial Real Estate have been involved in all aspects of commercial real estate development and providing professional real estate services for 51 years.

Brang Company Inc. is your “value-added” solution for commercial property needs. We not only find you a new location but we help you make it conform to your requirements. Brang offers signature services specific to leasing, sales, contract negotiations, and property management.

To develop properties with innovative solutions that enhance the critical assets of CNY.
To transform existing property infrastructure to maximize profit for every client.

Our Values

It’s all about execution and talent and using what we have in very specific ways.
Innovation is part of every project and task we do. It’s how we think. How do we make and do things different and better? This is a question we always ask ourselves.
This is our twist to things. It’s our combination of talents to solve the big picture.  It’s how we move into positions before anyone else does. It’s how we know our clients.